Helping farmers gain ACCESS to voluntary carbon markets, technology, resources and skills, education, and finance.

Digitization of farms.

Without digitization of farms, farmers remain excluded from 4th Industrial Revolution, 5th Generation, and Artificial intelligence-based technologies including access to finance to accomplish needed solutions for their farms.

Allow Us to Assess your soil carbon project's potential before you get started.

Let Us Estimate Amount Of Carbon In Your farm.

Know the commercial value of your carbon and /or claim carbon tax from your government

Keen to gain a better understanding of the growth potential over 25 years of your soil carbon project or a specific farm area?

Digitize your entire farm,  then your fields or paddocks.  

We digitize farms then provide the monitoring and management of everything that happens within the digitized field.

Farming As A Service promoting local farmers to sell issued and verified certificates to carbon buyers

Farm Monitoring And Management

Once you have digitized your farm, you may now begin to use various technologies in monitoring and managing your farm. This principle applies to livestock, crop, forestry, aquaculture.

The focus is in the monitoring of the changes that takes place with regard to the soil, water usage, and other regenerative principles.

Crop rotation, or successively farming more than one plant on the same land.

Cover cropping, or planting year-round so the land isn’t fallow during off-seasons, which helps prevent soil erosion.

Curtailing the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Conservative tillage, or less plowing of fields.

Manage from the start to earning carbon offsets

We will provide you with the technology tools needed in managing your farm for maximum yield and healthy livestock. We handhold each farmer ensuring success and market access.

For maximum yields

Using our technology, we will work with you in managing all aspects of your crops until harvest ensuring they satisfy buyer specification and meet local and global quality and food standards required.

Weigh heavier and Healthy

Manage all aspects of your livestock from birth to the arbottoir or to the next owner, keeping all records of each animal.

Animal welfare and fair working practices for farmers.

Cattle grazing, which naturally stimulates plant growth.


We cater for government, community, or private forests.

Nature-based Solutions

None of these solutions are new to nature, but some are reimagined to fit today’s needs:

  • an agro-business investing in landscape restoration techniques with its smallholder farmers to ensure a healthy, long-term supply chain;

  • a hydropower company planting trees along a river to prevent erosion of the banks and siltation downstream;

  • a hotel owner planting mangroves along the beach to hold together coastlines and protect them from the encroaching ocean;

  • a farmer planting trees among his crops to provide shade, retaining water and providing habitat for wild species; or a row of bushes planted along the farmer’s field to slow the wind and retain the soil;

  • a city manager installing trees and grasses along steep slopes to stabilise the earth and prevent landslides;

  • an elected official that helps creates a marine protected area around a kelp bed to ensure a sustainable fish harvest for her community;

  • a community organisation that educates on the importance of protecting fringing reef around an island to maintain it as natural barrier against high waves;

  • an urban planner protecting or restoring a nearby forest crucial to the city’s water supply;

  • an advocacy group protecting a marsh or wetland that filters contaminated water near a community; or

  • a government actively restoring the productive capacity of degraded land.

Farming As A Service promoting local farmers to sell issued and verified certificates to carbon buyers

                               Farming As A Service promoting local farmers to sell issued and verified certificates to carbon buyers

Get An Assessment Of Your farm

Buyers Need Verified carbon certificates

We bring local and global buyers to smallholder farmers that meet the food specification. We provide market access to many smallholder farmers to allow them to sell at better prices and improve their profitability. This allow each farmer to contribute towards sustainable development goals,  climate change and sustainable agriculture development.

Post harvest Processing.

Ensuring minimal losses, less food wastage. cleaning, sorting, testing, packing, and storing  

Request A Farm Access - To digitize your farm today

We are ready to enroll you to any of the services we provide. Share your needs with us and tomorrow you start digitizing your farm. Register your details below.

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